Here’s what I’ll fight for:

  • I’ll fight for an increase to the minimum wage. People who work hard 40 or more hours a week should be making a living wage.IMG_4816
  • I’ll fight for more mental health counselors, social workers, nurses, and school aids in the public education school system to help children who have been traumatized by addiction, poverty or some other tragedy.
  • I’ll fight for increased drug treatment facilities; we should not turn people away who need treatment and want to recover, and we should not rush to graduate addicts from recovery before they’re ready, just to open up a bed. We need long term thinking.
  • I’ll fight for families struggling with opioid addiction; we should provide more supportive recovery services, and we should work to reduce the need for out-of-home child placements as much as safely possible.
  • I’ll fight to get our rural roads, water, and sewer infrastructure properly maintained, and to increase broadband access. Who wants to move a business to a place with constant boil advisories, a place that may not even provide reliable clean water, much less internet?
  • I’ll fight for your right to live and work in a vibrant place where everyone who works hard has the opportunity to thrive.

So how can we put this bold legislative plan into action? By helping me win this election!

Donate to my campaign, and let’s work together to put our neighbors’ needs above the needs of out-of-state interests. We need a state government that doesn’t function solely on political greed.