Why I’m running

Love for our neighbors has to be the central part of our politics.

In Mercer County recently, it hasn’t been. But our county deserves better; we deserve lawmakers who actually represent the good people here, who can serve as role models for our children, and who’ll represent our area to the world with dignity, kindness, compassion, intelligence—and grit.


Let’s show the world what we’re made of.

That’s why I’m running for House of Delegates: I love Mercer County and the entire beautiful state of West Virginia. I know everyone deserves to be treated with dignity.

I’m here to fight hate with love. I’m here to create legislation to enable those recovering from addiction to have meaningful access to longer term residential treatment. I’m here to work toward more comprehensive wraparound services for children, to decrease the need for out-of-home placement. I’m here to dedicate more funding to improve the public education system we already have.


I’m here because we need a legislature that puts regular people first, and recognizes that we can’t be defined by who we hate, but by who we help.

We all have more in common than would ever set us apart, so we need a state government that will give hard working people real opportunities to thrive, right here in our district.